Reiki healing for humans


Seven major chakras in the system  Reiki is a Japanese word and is generally translated to mean “universal life

  energy”.  It was practised many thousands of years ago in various parts of

  the world, and was rediscovered in the 19th century by Dr Mikao Usui, a

  Japanese theology teacher.  It is a safe, gentle, non-invasive healing

  technique which enables all aspects of the person to re-balance, heal and

  harmonise.  As with the animal healing, it can be given for any illness,

  stress or injury as a therapy, and is completely natural.  It can also be

  helpful in encouraging personal growth and spiritual awareness.


  Life energy is channelled through the Reiki healer to the patient, and the

  energy then works with the body’s own natural resources to help the body

  heal itself.  Although the healer can concentrate on particular areas of the

  body that might require healing, Reiki will heal on various levels and will always

go where it is needed, whether it be physically, emotionally, psychologically, mentally or spiritually.


Reiki healing

What happens in a Reiki healing session?


A session consists of a consultation followed by one hour of healing

using the traditional Usui system of Reiki healing.   The healer will

channel energy through themselves and into the client via hand

positions around the body.  Clients remain fully clothed throughout,

and the hand positions are non-intrusive.  The client may feel heat from

the healer’s hands or the hands may feel cool: this is perfectly normal

and indicative of the energy flowing from the healer.


The benefits of Reiki


A Reiki session is intensely relaxing and promotes a feeling of well-being.  However, often after a session clients may feel emotional even weepy, and they are encouraged to drink plenty of water as it can be detoxifying.  This is part of the clearing process begun by the Reiki, and will lead to a calmer, more balanced outlook.


Giving Reiki healing  Reiki can help physical conditions and emotional problems, and can help

  promote an increased feeling of self-worth and positivity.  However, as

  with animal healing, for physical conditions it is advisable to seek a

  medical diagnosis from a doctor first in case ethical medical treatment is

  necessary.  Reiki can, and does, complement traditional medical

  treatment and can often assist in lessening any side effects that may be

  caused by some harsh prescription drugs.


  Distant Reiki healing 


  Just as with animal healing, Reiki can also be sent distantly and is just

as effective.  All that is required is a clear photo of the client.  This means that the benefits of Reiki can be felt without being restricted by geographical location.


How Reiki can help in the final stages of lifeDifferent hand position


Reiki can be hugely beneficial in assisting a person in the process

of moving on from this life.  It will help on many levels: physically it

will help with pain relief; mentally it will help bring clarity and

calmness to the person allowing them to focus clearly on what is

left for them to do in this life; and emotionally Reiki will spread

peace and an acceptance of what is to come.  Possibly the most

benefit is felt spiritually, as Reiki will prepare body and soul for the

transition from this life to the next.  Families of the patient will also

benefit with the calmness, peace and emotional release that Reiki

will offer.