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What is animal healing?


Equine healing

Healing Dart

  Animal healing is the channelling of universal energy

  through the healer to the animal.  It relaxes and

  re-energises the patient to enable his or her own natural  

  resources to deal with illness or injury in the best

  possible way.  Healing can be given for any illness,

  stress or injury as a therapy.  It is completely natural,

  has no side effects and is complementary to other

  therapies and traditional veterinary treatment.


What is lovely about any animal healing is that the animal generally feels the energy coming from the healer straight away and will often guide the healer to where they require healing most.  So every healing session is different.  They will also let the healer know when they have had sufficient healing, relaxing into a deep sleep or getting up and walking away.  Signs that energy is moving through the animal and releasing blockages include yawning, coughing, twitching, rumbling tums and deep sighs.  With a horse, other signs of relaxation and release are licking and chewing, resting a hind leg and the head dropping right down.  Healing can often make the animal thirsty or hungry, and I have known one cat get up from the healing, walk into the kitchen and have some food, then come back in front of me and lie down for more!  He did that several times during one session.  As I say, animals are very direct about exactly what they want from the healing!


How do animals benefit?


Healing Sabre

Healing Billy


 All animals benefit from healing: it is helpful in a

 wide range of physical, emotional and 

 psychological conditions, working holistically on

 the whole animal. Healing promotes calm, peace

 and deep relaxation and will help the body to

 recover from trauma, illness or injury. 



For animals with emotional problems, such as those from rescue centres or those that are missing an owner or animal companion, healing can be particularly beneficial.  Since it is a therapy that is given with love from the heart it is immensely powerful in helping animals overcome emotional traumas; and since we know that emotional disease can manifest as physical symptoms, assisting an animal through emotional problems will often prevent physical disease from getting a hold. Healing can also help counter any side effects from which an animal may be suffering as a result of treatment for illness as it helps the body’s own resources to re-balance.


Behavioural problems in an animal can be helped by healing too as it is a calming, relaxing therapy.  During a healing session, very often a healer will pick up communication on a non-verbal level from the animal which may offer insight into why the animal is behaving in a certain way. 


Contact and distant healingTigger



 Healing can be either contact or distant.  Contact

 healing is when the animal is present at the healing  

 session.  If, however, it is not possible to have the

 animal present, distant healing can be sent and is

 just as effective.  All that is required is a clear

 photo of the animal.  Distant healing can also be

 used for animals that are extremely nervous of



Usually a set time will be arranged for when the distant healing will be sent, and where possible the guardian should be with the animal when healing is sent as they can report back any changes in the animal or signs of relaxation and release during the session. As a rule, contact healing sessions take around 60 minutes with the first consultation being slightly longer to include completion of a consultation form.  Distant healing sessions take less time although they are just as effective.


PLEASE NOTE: It is important that before seeking the services of an animal healer for physical illness or condition the animal has first been examined by a veterinary surgeon.  Holistic animal healing is not a substitute for ethical veterinary treatment; it is complementary to it.


Saying goodbye




 Anyone who has been lucky enough to share their life

 with an animal will have had to face the inevitable parting

 at the end of his or her life.  Knowing the right thing to do,

 and the right time to do it, is almost impossible: then

 facing up to that moment when the animal has to leave

 this life is surely the hardest task anyone has to deal with.



Healing can be a great help to the animal during the period leading up to this point, and can help them cope with their own emotions and those of their carer.  Healing is also hugely beneficial as the animal passes over from this life, and helps that transition take place with peace and love.  The carer too will benefit from healing at this time, and offer some peace and understanding in what is an emotionally charged time in their life.


In addition to healing during this time, animal communication will often bring clarity for both animal and human, and help them to be as close as they can be before the final goodbye.



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