Jenny and Barney 

   Bringing an animal and a human closer together by means

   of healing or communication is a wonderful experience. 


   Animals, particularly our pets, choose to share their lives with

   us.  They are non-judgemental friends and companions who

   are constant with their affection.  They do not care what we

   look like, what we are wearing or whether we have been

   good or bad.  They teach us from a very young age how to

   love unconditionally, and how to have fun. 



But animals do also have the same emotions, worries, feelings and insecurities as  humans, and very often take on their guardians’ cares and concerns too.  Just as in humans, these emotional and mental issues can lead to physical

ailments.  By connecting with an animal with love and trust,

it is possible to learn and understand what the underlying problem may be.  If necessary, healing can be offered which

will gently ease their emotional and psychological pain.  In turn this will support the animal’s own resources to deal with any physical injury or illness in the best way.


Giving Reiki healing


  Just as with animals, healing can benefit humans.  Reiki

   healing helps encourage the body’s own natural ability to

   heal itself, and brings the body back into balance.  It works

   on many levels: emotional, physical, mental and spiritual

   and will always go to wherever it is needed.  Like animal   

   healing, it is non-invasive and gentle.







All my communication and healing for both animals and humans comes from the heart with real empathy, respect

and love.   Being able to connect with and understand an animal on a heart and soul level is a true expression of

trust, integrity, intention and compassion.