Giving equine healing  My route to being an animal healer and communication is not a conventional one!  My

  love of animals has always been a big part of my life.  Since I was a small child I

  have never been able to bear abuse of animals, and when I was only about six I

  waded into a group of older boys who were tormenting a kitten, shouted at them,

  then picked up the kitten and walked away.  I have had cats all my life, and I am

  currently allowed to share a house with two beautiful girls – feisty tortoiseshell

  Rosie and laidback black and white Mitzi.


  I have spent 20 years of my working life in the media world, working for television

  entertainment at both the BBC and ITV.  It was a fun and enjoyable way to earn a

  living, but my desire to be more involved with animals became stronger.  Although

  much of my spare time was spent volunteering with such organisations as the

  RSPCA and Cats Protection, the need to have more hands on contact with animals

  and to work in a more compassionate field led me to make a huge career change. 


Jenny & Rosie

I left the BBC in 2000 to take up a post in the press office of national

charity Hearing Dogs for Deaf People.  This charity trains dogs to tell

deaf people about sounds in the home by touching them with a paw

then leading them to the sound.  It was during my time at Hearing Dogs

that I really started to appreciate the wonderfully close bond that

humans and animals can share, and how animals really understand

that a human needs their help. I then went on to work for another assistance dog charity, Canine Partners, and here too the partnership between human and animal was inspirational.  The symbiotic relationship that can exist between animal and guardian took my breath away, and startedme on the next leg of my journey. 


Jenny & Mitzi  Being a sympathetic and informed observer of this relationship was not

  enough for me; I wanted to be more involved and to be a small part of that

  bridge between animal and human.  A chance meeting (if you believe in

  chance, which I don’t!) with an animal healer led me to take a diploma

  course in animal healing.  During that course I experienced

  communication on an emotional level with some of the animals that I was

  treating, and that was it … I was hooked!  But, of course, it is not only

  about animals – it is about humans too.  Healing humans, and showing

  them how to get closer to their animals, is just as vital if we are to ensure

  the survival of both on this beautiful planet.


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